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LINK Associates International

Who are we?
LINK Associates International (LINK) is a professional training and consultancy provider with over 25 years of experience. Headquartered in Derby, our company has developed world class facilities for training and assessing organisations in their response to emergencies and business disruption. Since 1986, we have been helping clients prepare to manage disruptive events and prevent crises before they happen. We call this Creating Crisis Confident Organisations.

Our business model focuses on delivering to your business and to your people knowledge, competence and capability so that you are prepared for the future. LINK helps your business to mitigate risk, specialising in diverse areas such as Business Continuity, Crisis Management, Managing Emergencies, Managing Incidents and Crisis Communications.

How can we help you?
LINK understands that organisations want to be confident to face any business interruption. LINK offers you consultancy, training and scenario exercises across a range of risk areas. We provide tailored solutions to help organisations become ‘crisis confident’. By working with you to creatively explore business vulnerability, we encourage you to think differently about the impacts of events. Our consultants logically analyse risks and vulnerabilities in terms of impact and consequence. Through tailored executive coaching, exercising and consultancy we enable you to appreciate what is needed for superior crisis management performance.

By working with us, you understand what to do in any response. By working with us, you develop the capability to manage crisis situations including the strategic demands and corporate responsibilities. By working with us, your senior management can achieve excellence in their performance through one-to-one and team coaching and facilitation.

What’s new at LINK?
Launching the next 25 years, LINK is opening a new training centre in London to enhance the delivery of effective training, testing and exercise programmes. Our battle proven crisis communications tool continues to offer good practise in crisis and communications management and London will offer business continuity consultancy.
For more information, visit our web site at www.linkassociates.com or speak to us on 01332 222299.

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