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Clearing the Clouds

Based on the notion that most of the risk is financial and can be mitigated through controls, risk has been viewed as domain of the CFO. However, less than 20 percent of enterprise risks are financial, legal or compliance related in scope and yet all risks can ultimately have a financial consequence.

A new view of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) is required to enable organisations to clear the clouds, see risk in a new light, have better long-term vision and, ultimately, be ready to act when lightning does strike. ERM requires a level of organisational collaboration that culturally and practically can be very difficult to implement. The first step toward creating a robust ERM program encompasses understanding the scope of risk management and nurturing collaboration and preparedness – making it a “team sport” across the enterprise. Understand the effective way to implement ERM with IBM’s whitepaper.

Virtualising disaster recovery using cloud computing
With the demands of an around-the-clock world, organisations need to start thinking in terms of application continuity rather than infrequent disasters, and disaster recovery service providers need to enable more seamless, nearly instantaneous failover and failback of critical business applications.

Cloud-based business resilience can provide an attractive alternative to traditional disaster recovery, offering both the more-rapid recovery time associated with a dedicated infrastructure and the reduced costs that are consistent with a shared recovery model.

This white paper describes how organisations can use cloud computing to help plan for both the mundane interruptions to service as well as more-infrequent disasters. The paper provides key considerations when planning for the transition to cloud-based business resilience and in selecting your cloud partner.

Managing threats in the digital age
No longer relegated to the domain of the IT organisation, the topic of security is now unquestionably a C-suite priority. Organisations need to move toward a more systematic and proactive approach to addressing security threats and managing compliance requirements in today’s information-driven economy. Read the whitepaper to address the security, risk and compliance issues.

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Obtain three documents that will help you make the most of the cloud for business continuity and disaster recovery, whilst mitigating and managing cloud risks:

  • Virtualizing disaster recovery using cloud computing

  • Clearing the clouds:
    Shining a light on successful Enterprise Risk Management

  • Managing threats in the digital age

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