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Deloitte Resilience

High-consequence events can be broad ranging; from significant business disruptions due to severe weather, acts of terrorism, industrial strikes and pandemics to major project ‘go-live’, share price collapse, a new product launch or product recalls, significant fraud or data leakage. In short, any significant event which has the potential to seriously disrupt operations, damage reputation and destroy shareholder value.

Deloitte Resilience

Helping you to:

Anticipate & Prepare – Withstand – Respond – Recover

  • Technology Resilience
  • Business Resilience
  • Crisis Management and Preparedness
  • Corporate Security
  • Testing

Deloitte can help you anticipate, plan and prepare for a full range of events, from those predictable or common to worst case scenarios. Our focus on resilience can help you reduce disruptions, withstand failures or breakdowns, better understand critical dependencies and ensure resources are appropriately allocated.




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Contact information:

Rick Cudworth
Partner, Head of Resilience
Tel: +44 20 7303 4760



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