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Who are BSI?

We are a global independent business services organisation that inspires confidence and delivers assurance to over 80,000 customers with standards-based solutions. BSI has over 2,300 staff operating in over 120 countries through more than 50 global offices. BSI’s key offerings are:

• The development and sale of private, national and international standards and supporting information that promote and share best practice
• Second and third-party management systems assessment and certification in all critical areas of management disciplines including business continuity
• Testing and certification of services and products for Kitemark and CE marking
• Certification of high-risk, complex medical devices
• Performance management software solutions
• Training services in support of standards implementation and business best practice.

BSI pioneered the development of BS 25999, the internationally recognised standard for Business Continuity Management and has become the world leader in BS 25999 certification and training solutions.

How can we help you?

As the BS 25999 pioneer, BSI is well placed to help you whereever you are on your business continuity journey, from beginner to thought-leader:

• Buy BS 25999, other related standards and supporting publications
• Evaluate BSI’s BS 25999 self-assessment tool
• Consider BSI training solutions
• For gap analysis, assessment and certification solutions
• Read case studies
• Latest BSI BCM news
• Check out BSI’s Talking Business Continuity portal.

Many organisations benefit from being certified to BS 25999, that's the process whereby BSI independently checks that your BCM plans and processes follow the requirements set out in BS 25999. 

For further information on anything connected to BS 25999 please contact BSI’s Global Portfolio Manager, Richard Taylor  richard.taylor@bsigroup.com 

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