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Mataco - Proper planning and prevention

Mataco from Savant Limited

Mataco is a business continuity software system developed by Savant, in partnership with experienced Business Continuity practitioners, to offer full support for the BCM process. It provides a flexible database repository in which to record, maintain, exercise and review all the plans required for an effective, robust, and complete implementation of BCM. Mataco holds all the evidence required to demonstrate compliance with standards such as BS25999.

Web enabled for high availability
As a web enabled system, Mataco can be externally hosted to provide high availability and remote access from any location with an internet connection. This also enables the system to be embedded into other web applications such as an Internet or Intranet portal.

A flexible BCM system that meets your needs
Mataco enables specific BCM responses to be produced for a specific set of circumstances rather than having to use rigid pre-defined structures. The flexibility of our design allows for:

  • User defined data fields to suit individual requirements
  • A help system that allows users to extend the on-line help provided to capture local BCM knowledge to suit the organisation’s needs
  • A report wizard to allow users to specify their own individual reports
  • An upload facility where users can add external objects like pictures, diagrams or maps into their plans
  • User defined document and plan content

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